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Revised Same Day Treatment Guidelines 📝

MAXIMUM ALLOWANCE OF THERAPY PER DAY _______________________________________________________________ Hello Team Capable! We are sharing some reminders and an update re: the maximum allowance of therapy hours we're permitted to complete per day. This often comes up when make-up sessions are scheduled and completed on same day. _______________________________________________________________

Occupational Therapy: OT (97535) = 2 hours/day

  • The 2 hours of same day therapy must be performed consecutively back to back and entered as 1 visit for 120 minutes & 8 units.

  • For example: We CAN complete a 2 hour OT session from 9-11am. We CANNOT complete an OT session at 9am and then 1pm same day.

Speech Therapy: ST (92507) = 1 hour/day (w/ exception to FT)

  • New Update: DDD is now allowing Speech Therapy to complete a 2nd hour of Feeding Therapy (FT) within the same day as General Speech Therapy. Prior to this, the 2nd hour of FT would have needed to be performed on a different day than General Speech Therapy.

  • However, 2 hours of General ST are still not able to be completed on the same day.

  • For example: We can now complete a General ST session and a Feeding Therapy ST Session within the same day.

Time Frame for Completion of Make-Up Sessions:

  • With regards to Make-Up sessions and how long we have to complete a make-up session, DDD has stated that ultimately we need to complete them within the ISP year. For a full statement from DDD, see below.

  • "In summary, it is our hope and desire for therapists to schedule make-up sessions because it is best for the child's therapeutic progress. There is not anything specifically written in DDD policy regarding timeline of make ups. However, if the script is written for 1 hour per week, the therapist/family should try to make it up within the week. If the therapy sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, then the session should be made up by the following Tuesday. However, since policy is not specific, you can make up the sessions as long as it's within the ISP year."

Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer for you regarding Make-Up Sessions! Have a wonderful day. Keep being awesome! -- Tyler Michael

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