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Our passion is to provide the best, quality therapeutic care for all children &  youth with special needs through the use of empathy and best-practice treatment strategies.

Our Mission

We accomplish our mission through:

Client-centered approach:

We do our best to understand the perspective, background, and perceptions of every client, their family, & fellow therapists with altruistic intentions.  We care for the “whole” child as we seek to provide support to the client’s mind, body, and spirit. We view our team of therapists like, "family," and treat each other as such. We engage with each other and our clients with love, compassion, respect, and dignity.

We foster an environment of learning and growth among our therapists. Examples of this include: our Mentorship Program, opportunities for Therapist Huddles, and CEU Opportunities.​


Collaboration & Learning:

What We Believe

Parental / Caregiver Partnership

We believe that parents play a critical role in a child's overall success. Partnership between a child’s family and therapist is key to achieving therapy goals and promoting that child’s growth and development. In the context of therapy, a healthy partnership is achieved through: 

  • Parents / Caregivers sharing their goals for their child during initial evaluation. 

  • Continual collaboration and conversations between the family & therapist.

"Every child is unique,

not only capable of learning,

but also capable of succeeding." 

Robert John Meehan


We believe that every child, regardless of symptom or illness, is first a child. Each child is capable of doing, being, and achieving immeasurably more. 

Benefits of OT in a Child's Natural Environment 

Research supports the benefits of providing occupational or speech therapy within the context of a child's natural home environment. Services in the home help the therapist to better understand the family's values, routine, and relationships; consequently, the therapist can suggest therapeutic activities that easily fit into the family's daily routine.

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