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OT/ST Supervisor & Evaluator Reminders/Updates 📝

OT / ST Evaluators & Supervisors


  • Feeding: There have been some very drastic internal changes made within DDD recently regarding reimbursement for Feeding Therapy (many of which everyone is still attempting to understand). That said, we are no longer able to complete virtual Feeding Therapy Evaluations, they must be in-person. We will not be reimbursed for a virtual FT Eval. However, you may still complete virtual general OT or ST Evaluations.

  • Scheduling: Please be sure to contact family's/ caregivers in a timely fashion. When sent the parent/caregiver's information, please contact the family within 24 hours to schedule the evaluation.

  • Written Report: Please complete evaluation written reports within 1 week of when the evaluation was performed.

  • Diagnoses: Remember to select 1 of the 4 DDD qualifying diagnoses: Autism, Epilepsy, Intellectual Disability, or Cerebral Palsy. Other secondary rehab diagnoses can be listed, but 1 of the 4 must be listed.

  • Orientation to Members: We are required to have each therapist acknowledge and sign a form indicating that they have been "oriented to the needs of each member." You will note this change in your "New Kiddo" emails from Sean. Click Here to view the form where you are to sign off (this should take <15 seconds to complete).

Plan of Care:

  • Frequency: Please be sure to include the recommended frequency and duration in the Plan of Care (not just evaluation report).

Supervision Notes:

  • Billing: Please ensure that OTA / STA's notes have entered correct billing. This checks and balances is part of "signing off" on assistants' notes. Please also remind assistants that billing is to be entered into notes by end of each day.

  • Note Completion: We understand that life circumstances may come up from time to time, but SOAP notes should be written within 1 week of the treatment date.

Thank you for your attention to these reminders & update! You are all wonderful therapists and we're thankful to have such amazing therapists serving our kiddos and families! Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, -- Tyler Michael

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