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What is Occupational Therapy?

Our children's lives are made up of daily activities or "occupations." Occupations are the things we all do to "occupy" our time. A few of these occupations may include playing, dressing, bathing, learning in school, and socializing with others.


Occupational Therapists partner with children and their families to help both to be functional and independent in these occupations that occur throughout the day, week, and/or year in multiple environments (i.e. home, school, etc.).



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Occupational Therapists can identify and treat basic challenges faced by children and families, from creating morning routines to choosing appropriate strategies to addressing barrier(s) to success.


An OT evaluation, treatment interventions, parent education, and a home program is provided to address deficits that can occur in the areas of:

  • Fine Motor Skills (affecting Handwriting or Activities of Daily Living skills like dressing, feeding, or bathing)

  • Feeding

  • Visual Perception

  • Visual Motor

  • Oculomotor Skills

  • Sensory Processing and Integration (including sight, smell, taste, touch, proprioception, balance, hearing)

  • Postural Control

  • Upper extremity

  • And more...

Skill Areas addressed...

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