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Mentorship Program

We offer a Mentorship Program developed by our owner, Tyler Michael, based on research and experience. Whether you’re a new graduate or experienced therapist, our goal is to partner with you so that we can grow and continue to become excellent service providers. When you join our company, you'll have access to this program where you will receive 1:1 mentorship.

Collaborative Environment

Have you ever felt like you’re on an island in your practice as a therapist and wished other therapists would take the time to collaborate with you? We have! This is why we provide opportunities (as well as our Mentorship Program, if you’re interested) to collaborate with other therapists who have been there, done that. Our goal is to foster a growth environment where therapists can refine and encourage each other to be better therapists.

CEU Opportunities

Part of our vision is to foster an environment of learning and growth. We also believe that providing opportunities for therapists to learn and acquire CEUs furthers our vision to provide the best quality care for our clients.

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