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Therapy Spotlights

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"Recently, the grandmother of my client relayed , "He has improved so much since he began receiving OT services! All the "hands on" has improved his communication & general fine motor skills."

Miss Rachel A.

Boy Playing with Blocks

"I have a kiddo who has been working on putting on a button-down shirt and practicing buttons.  For the first time in his life, he independently put on a shirt and buttoned 2 small buttons in a row without assistance."

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"My client has been averse to various textures for months! However, in this session she was able to tolerate a wet texture for an extended amount of time!

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"My client has been working on fastening buttons since I started working with her. The other day, she donned a shirt and fastened all the buttons then asked mom to "take my picture!" (for the Team Spotlight).

Happy Girl with Glasses

"I have a client who has difficulty maintaining a sleep schedule. The client's mom just informed me that the OT sleep schedule strategies I provided have been working & she has been sleeping more consistently!"

Miss Gina

Miss Gina

Miss Rachel C.

Miss Claudia

Miss Gina



"As a parent to a medically complex child with global delays, you learn to cherish every moment and celebrate every milestone… no matter how big or small. You also rely on therapists and providers to help your child progress and grow. Since our sweet Brookie has worked with Tyler at Capable Therapy, not only is she achieving skills we never thought were possible, Brooke is also experiencing so much joy and happiness. Aquatic therapy combined with her favorite OT has changed her life! As soon as she hears Miss Tyler walk in, her countenance lights up and she giggles and smiles. Brookie loves her therapist and we know the feeling is mutual… that as a parent means everything. We are forever grateful for the Capable Therapy team." 

Therapy Spotlight 1.jpg

Brittany Miller
Parent & Family Support Specialist at
Raising Special Kids

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