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October Team Spotlight!

We are excited to share this month's Team Spotlight and Drawing winner with all of you!

October Team Wins:

  • Claudia Molina - A kiddo's parent directly emailed Capable Therapy's administrative team to report, "We currently are using Claudia for OT and LLLOOOVVVVEEE her!"

  • Amanda Skrtich - A caregiver reported that Amanda has been providing amazing therapy for her foster child. She reported that Amanda is her foster son’s favorite therapists.

  • Berenice Villarreal - A client had been demonstrating difficulty wearing her eye patch due to her tactile defensiveness. With OT, she is now able to wear her eye patch during full sessions without aversion!

  • Rachel Pudlik - One of my kiddos would not tolerate even placing his tooth brush into his mouth. Mom reported he would scream and run away when it was time to his brush teeth. She stopped brushing teeth altogether because it was causing so much distress to her son. We started using an alligator to practice brushing teeth as a preparatory task. Then we brush his teeth. He started with only brushing the front portion of his mouth and now has moved to brushing his molars. He will now tolerate brushing his teeth for ~1 minute with breaks. He is even transitioning from kid toothpaste to adult toothpaste. Mom has also bought an alligator for them to practice on at home. She recently told me that he gets excited to brush his teeth now and has stopped having meltdowns when it comes to brushing teeth.

  • Cassie Whetten - Watch her video discussing her win here!


Watch this video to discover our OCTOBER SPOTLIGHT WINNER!


Keep up the good work.

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