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DDD Eval/Progress Report Form Updates 📝

Please review updates re: the new DDD Eval & Progress Report forms.

I have been in communication with DDD regarding their most recent Eval/Progress Report form updates (see below). I have been recently given further clarification on said updates. Please review the below Q & A assembled based on their answers to our questions...

Q: Are the new "Short Term Objective Behaviors" to be written in the same way that Short Term Goals would be written?

A: "Yes"

Q: For the new "HomeProgramGoals & Objectives," are these to be written as short or long term goals?

A: "The HomeProgram Objectives and Goals are those areas the family should be working on with the member outside of therapy. Write goals for the HomeProgram. "

***I realize DDD's response for HomeProgramgoals is not clear. After several attempts of seeking clarity, the answer still did not become clear. Thus, we will move forward with writing these as LT goals! - Tyler :)

Q: Does DDD have a sample template of an evaluation or progress report written in the way DDD would prefer?​

A: "As far as I know we do not have a sample template as objectives are designed to specifically fit the member's needs."

Q: Are therapists to re-write all current clients' plan of care to reflect/include the new template's contents? (i.e. the ST Objectives, homeprogramgoals, etc.).

A: "I do not think plans need to be re-written if they have already been approved. Plans moving forward would need to contain the necessary information that is in the template."

If you have any further questions you would like me to submit to DDD, please let me know and I will! Thank you!

Tyler :)

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