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Mental Health Focus: Part 2 - Research, Resources, Tools & Activities 💚🎗🧠

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

We are continuing in the spirit of "Mental Health Awareness" month!

In this week's Collaboration Corner, we will share additional Socio-Emotional research, resources, and activities with a "mental health" focus

for you as clinicians!

More Activities for Emotional Regulation

We have additional fun activities addressing the area of Emotional Regulation here:

10 Emotional Regulation Activities for Kids:

Benefits of Helping Children Develop Emotional Strengths:

"Validating Child & Adolescent Thoughts and Feelings" Recorded Webinar: Listen to this 60 minute teaching from Dr. Blaise Aguirreon the "Impact of Validating Emotional Experiences."


Thank you for being dedicated to providing excellent, quality therapy for all of our Capable Kiddos! You ALL are amazing! Tyler Michael

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