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November Team Spotlight!

We are excited to share this month's Team Spotlight and Drawing winner with all of you!

October Team Wins:

  • Amanda S. - One of my kiddos (who is non-verbal) frequently cried during our initial sessions. Foster mom reported that consistent crying/moaning is typical. I began incorporating therapy ball activities to provide sensory input and for weight-bearing tasks, and have noticed a significant decrease in moaning & crying! Kiddo appears more regulated, and in our last few sessions kiddo has gone the full hour without moaning or crying. Foster mom reports a decrease in moaning throughout the week as well!

  • Rachel P. - I've noted increased attention and participation in session since using a reward chart. Less distress and a decrease in elopements!

  • Cassie W. -

    • I have a kiddo that has a goal to play with toys appropriately. This is very hard for him, he usually will take a toy and place it in his mouth or will shake it around. The other day I pulled out a toy car which he has seen multiple times. Previously he would take the car and shake it around. This time after providing hand over hand and showing him how to roll the car on the ground, he took the car and started to roll it around him! It seems like a simple thing, but for him this was a HUGE connection he just made!!

    • I work with a kiddo who struggles with washing his hands because of the feeling of the soap on his hands. I started by doing sensory play with him such as play-doh, orbeeze, etc. I recently started to have him engage in water play in the bathroom sink. I brought small plastic fishes for him to play with and to rinse, wash with soap, and dry with a towel. He has begun to follow all the steps of handwashing with the little toys and last week he followed all the steps of hand washing while washing his own hands!!

Watch this video to discover our SPOTLIGHT WINNER!


Keep up the good work.

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