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Mental Health Focus: Research, Resources, Tools & Activities 🧠

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

May is "Mental Health Awareness" month.

In this week's Collaboration Corner, we will be sharing some research, resources, and activities with a "mental health" focus for you as a person and as a clinician!

New Research:

"Amygdala changes in individuals with autism linked to anxiety"

Newly published research supports existence of autism-specific types of anxiety. Check out the article HERE.

Activities for Emotional Regulation

We have some fun activities addressing the area of Emotional Regulation here:

The 3 Fundamental Social Skills

Developing social-emotional learning skills is so key for our kiddos! We can assist kiddos in their development of resilience by helping them to develop self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision- making, social-awareness, and relationship skills.

Click HERE to read more.


Webinar on "Validating Child & Adolescent Thoughts and Feelings"

I just was informed that Dr. Blaise Aguirre is offering a FREE course where the "Impact of Validating Emotional Experiences" will be discussed. I was informed that if you cannot attend, still register and a recording will be sent to you.

When: Wednesday, May 11 @ 11am ET

"Trauma Informed Care"

Check out this eye opening presentation on approaching therapy through the lens of trauma informed care. This was delivered by Dr. Sarah Anderson!

Click HERE to watch & listen.

Listen to this amazing personal development course on "The Occupation of Worry" by one of our OTR's, Dr. Sarah Anderson.

Click Here to check it out!

Check out these helpful Apps that could bring some peace, calm, and mindfulness into your life:

HeadSpace - Manifest - I am - HeadHelp - Thought Diary - Calm

Thank you for being dedicated to providing excellent, quality therapy for all of our Capable Kiddos! You ALL are amazing! Tyler Michael

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