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Let's see your BRIGHT IDEAS!

This week, let's share with each other some of your latest BRIGHT IDEAS for therapeutic interventions.

Please comment below with pictures and a brief description (just 2-3 sentences) of your activity!

I will also share below a great idea I discovered during a recent course I took.

Excited to see your BRIGHT IDEAS! Happy sharing! - Tyler

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Unknown member
Jan 13, 2021

A great fine motor activity I have been loving recently is having kiddos hide toys in Theraputty and then finding them. I've done this with games, such as Connect 4 and Pop up Pirate, to address social participation skills. Kiddo will tear or cut off small pieces of putty, hide the toys, and then we take turns finding 1 piece at a time while playing the game!

I've also done activities with hiding mini erasers (from Target!) in the putty, and kiddo will find them and match onto a visual mat that I create by coping an image of the mini erasers, to address visual perception skills as well as fine motor, and attention to task!


Here is an easy, inexpensive idea! I learned about these ideas from a course recently taught by an OTR who develops content on this website She takes every day household items and creates therapy tools/toys from them!

Picture #1: Take empty detergent bottles, cut out thin strips from bottle. Also cut out varied shaped "buttons" that can slide onto the thin plastic strips.

Picture #2: Take an empty detergent bottle, attach velcro to outside, and then attach velcro to blocks or any plastic toy. Child can grasp items and place them into the container.

Picture #3: Take vibrating toothbrushes, attach the plastic strips (discussed above) / rope / pipe cleaners to the end, and then attached the end of…

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