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December Team Spotlight!

We are excited to share this month's Team Spotlight and Drawing winner with all of you!

December Team Wins:

  • Amanda - Kiddo has resistance to bathing tasks, and aversions to having his hair washed. We have been doing different play activities in the bath tub (shaving cream, bath toys, etc.), to build some positive associations with bathing and getting his head wet during play. And this week kiddo's mom reported kiddo took a shower for the first time and allowed the water to run down his head and face. Kiddo looked so proud of himself when mom shared this with me.

  • Rachel C. - My win would be running my very first session as a therapist. I feel so blessed and stunned that I am actually beginning my career in Occupational Therapy. I have enjoyed the first couple of sessions so much, and have already witnessed small progress in my kiddos getting closer to their goals. It is such an amazing feeling to see, even if it is something small. I cannot wait to continue and grow as a therapist and learn more. I am so excited!

  • Berenice - One of my youngest kiddos had been struggling with his fine motor skills due to low tone. We have been working a lot towards strengthening his hands and in hand manipulation as one of his goals was to button/unbutton. Caregiver contacted me via text Very excited that he had done a button all on his own. He continues to demonstrate progress daily!

  • Claudia - One of my kiddos struggled with participation, engagement, and challenging behaviors in our first sessions. However, the past couple of months have been an improvement and in our last several sessions, my kiddo has demonstrated improved engagement, participation in activities, and socio-emotional skills. Recently, he engaged in reciprocal conversation and asked how my Christmas was and he even shared some of his gifts with me! It was a great win! Caregiver stated, "I am really happy with your services, Claudia! It's been years since we've had a therapist that was organized and had great ideas! Years ago, we had a music therapist that we absolutely loved and was just as energetic like you. Thank you!"

Watch this video to discover our SPOTLIGHT WINNER!


Keep up the good work.

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