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Collaboration Corner: Thanksgiving Themed Activities 🦃 🥧 🍽️ 🙏

Updated: Feb 5, 2023


I find this activity is great for following directions, identification, and identifying adjectives (discussing how various items feel).

Receptive & Expressive Communication:

This activity is great for following directions and making descriptive sentences (e.g. “ I have/chose the green leaf”). It can also be used to discuss colors!

Sensory Bins:

"I usually grab a couple bins from the Dollar store. I place a variety fall related item in the buckets (e.g. pumpkin erasers, leaves, mini pinecones). My base varies between lentils, kinetic sand, and beans. We take turns pulling items out, labeling, discussing textures, scooping into a different bucket. Activity could address the following goal areas: turn-taking, identification, basic concepts (e.g. big versus small, hard versus soft) and following directions."

Fine Motor Skills:

These activities is really great for addressing in-hand manipulation, fine motor strengthening, and bi-manual & coordination skills!

  • "Fall Leaf Activity"

  • "Thanksgiving Placemat"

Visual Motor Integration:

This is a great activity to address visual attention, visual discrimination, and figure ground skills!

These activity sheets contains great fall themed activities that address both fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and visual perceptual skills! Creating some fun visual motor activities.

  • "Fall VM & Perceptual Activity Sheet"

  • "Thanksgiving Board Game"

  • "Turkey Making Craft"

Sensorimotor Skills:

This is a great activity that provides tactile, proprioceptive, visual, and vestibular input!

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