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Collaboration Corner: Spring Edition! 🌻🐝🌱🌷

This week's therapy resource shared includes...

Spring Themed Activities!

Top 10 Free Outdoor Activities for Kids & Adolescents!

Outdoor Activities for Kids of All Ages:

  • "SCAVENGER HUNTS: Scavenger hunts are a great way to engage kids in the great outdoors. Create a list of items commonly found in nature or your local park, and have your kids search for them. This outdoor game is a fun way to spend time with your family and teaches kids about nature and the environment.

  • JUMP ROPE: A classic outdoor game, jump rope is an excellent way to develop coordination and physical fitness. All you need is a jump rope, and you’re ready to go!

  • TREASURE HUNT: Organize a treasure hunt in your own backyard or local park. Hide small, inexpensive items or treats and create a map or clues to guide your kids in finding them. This activity promotes teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Younger Kids:

  • MUD PIES: Younger kids love getting messy, and making mud pies is a fun way to let them do just that. All you need is some dirt, water, and a few containers or molds. Your kids will have a blast creating their mud masterpieces.

  • SIDEWALK CHALK: Sidewalk chalk is perfect for kids to express their creativity. Let them draw pictures, write messages, or even create their own hopscotch course.

  • DIY SPONGE BOMBS: Cool off on a hot day by making DIY sponge bombs. Cut up some sponges, tie them together with a rubber band, and you’ve got a reusable water toy that’s perfect for younger kids.

Older Kids:

  • OBSTACLE COURSE: Create an obstacle course in your backyard or local park using items you already have at home. This can include pool noodles, plastic bags, and other household items. Encourage friendly competition among family members to see who can complete the course the fastest.

  • TIME CAPSULE: Work together as a family to create a time capsule. Have each family member contribute an item or write a letter to their future selves. Bury the time capsule in your backyard and set a date to dig it up in the future.

  • HIKING: Explore local trails and hiking spots with your older kids. This activity promotes physical fitness and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors together. It s a great exercise for everyone!"Ideas from Your Therapy Source

Sensory Processing:

Visual Perceptual Skills:

Fine Motor Skills:

Expressive & Receptive:

Snail Art:

  • Click Here for project instructions (this website contains the craft cut-out. Just type in "snail art" in the search bar)

  • Click Here for the link for a snail story read-aloud

  • Goals addressed: following directions, requesting/making choices, descriptive language, and comprehension for those who are interested in the read aloud.

I Spy Spring Activity:

  • Hide spring themed items in the environment (examples: pretend flowers, bugs, bunnies, eggs, chicks, frogs).

  • Make a visual of the items to use as you look. When you find the items, take turns describing/identifying what was found. Talk about what is looks like, how it feels, where it lives, and the parts of it.

  • It can also be fun to use a flashlight with this activity (parents can also do this on rainy day weekends  )

  • Goals this activity can address include turn-taking, descriptive language, and labeling.

Make a Caterpillar:

  • Ideas for caterpillar: fruit loops on a pipe cleaner, Fruit loops glued to construction paper, clay or playdoh

  • Read the Very Hungry Caterpillar book or Click Here to listen to the audio on YouTube

  • Goals Addressed: requesting, following directions, descriptive language and, if the client is interested in listening to the story, comprehension.

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