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Collaboration Corner: Feeding Therapy Edition Activities 🍉🥑🥨🥦

Check out these activities for clients 10 years old and older! 

Messy Play Activity Ideas:

  • Finger painting with pudding/yogurt/whipped cream

  • Use paint brushes to paint with pudding or purees (if your child is not ready to touch)

  • Touch and squish wet foods through Ziploc bags

  • Teddy bear/doll picnic on the floor with real foods

  • Make a “meal” with real foods in your child’s pretend/child-sized kitchen

   Developing Rotary Chewing Patterns:

  • Click here for great insights into developing rotary chewing patterns!

   Activities that address Fine Motor, Sensory, and Pizza! :

  • Click Here for a SAMPLE SOAP Note written from an SOS Approach to Feeding Therapy framework.

  • Click Here to download the SOS PERFORMANCE TRACKING grid.

  • Click Here to review how to track Progress and write a Progress Note utilizing the SOS Approach to Feeding Therapy framework.

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