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Collaboration Corner: End of Summer & Back to School Edition! 🌴😎☀️📚

Check out these fun Back to School activities!

These are some fun "On the Go" Board Games to use with your kiddos:

Sensory Processing:

Visual Motor Skills:

Visual Perceptual Skills:

Fine Motor Skills:

Expressive & Receptive:

Ocean Themed Activity -

  • Click Here to view activity attachment

  • Items needed: - Bin of water/sink or Orbeez - Ocean animals - Sea Shells Optional items - Water beads - Fishing net or shovel

  • Activities to include: choosing the animal to place in the water (labeling when appropriate verbally, using pictures or AAC); incorporating verbs and adjectives including: splash, swim, cold, wet, fast, slow, jump; turn-taking (retrieving animals from the water using the shovel, fishing net or hands); following directions (helping to set up the water bin or sink by adding the water beads, water, and animals).

Puffy Paint Ice-Cream Craft -

  • Click Here to view activity attachment

  • Items needed: - Paint - Elmer’s glue • Barbasol shaving cream • White cardstock paper • Cardboard • Scissors • Marker • Paintbrush Optional Items - Essential oils (its fun to smell ) - Sprinkles - Glitter - Pom poms

  • Goals addressed: Following directions to complete the craft (receptive communication/sequencing), expressive language (requesting preferred paint colors, describing how the paint or glue feels)

Pete the Cat Read-aloud “Pete the Cat Goes to the Beach” -

  • Click Here to view activity attachment

  • Story read aloud on YouTube

  • Optional Items - Poster board to glue pictures from the story or sequence events from the story • Items to represent parts/elements of the story (i.e. crab, kinetic sand)

  • Goals addressed: WH questions, sequencing, descriptive language

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